Welcome to Teximity's 7 Days to Die PvE Server!

Just a couple things before we get started:

Our server is fully PvE meaning players are playing to help each other succeed.
We at Teximity want to build a tightly knit community based server.
While playing in the server, players may choose whether they want to live inside the protected walls we call Haven,
or live alone and risk it all to the outside elements.

Here's a few key facts about Teximitiy's Server:

  • - Fully Vanilla (minus a couple server mods to help us moderate
  • - Whitelisted server with an application process
  • - Weekly and Monthy lotterys and events (we try to not do anything OP)
  • - Dedicated hosting to keep server lag and ping down
  • - Unique community experience where players can choose to live next door in a gated community
  • - Unique website with mutliple features (offline PM, reports, job postings, marketplace, and more!)

What are you waiting for?! Get started now!

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